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    H.C. Murray Corp.

    Established in 1980 – H.C. Murray Corp. specializes in life, accident, long-term care, and health insurance solutions for its clients.

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    Harding & Jacob Insurance

    Established in 1932 – Harding & Jacob Insurance focuses on personal lines property & casualty insurance for Cleveland families, as well as commercial lines insurance for Cleveland businesses.

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    The Kyle Agency.

    Established in 1965 – The Kyle Agency was an independent insurance agency located in Westlake, Ohio, that specialized in small business insurance. The Kyle Agency merged with Harding & Jacob Insurance in 1986.

Our Agency

Our Agency

H.C. Murray Group is an organization of independent insurance agencies based out of Independence, Ohio. We are made up of three entities: H.C. Murray Corp, which specializes in life, accident, and health insurance; Harding & Jacob Insurance, which specializes in property & casualty insurance, and the Kyle Agency, which specializes in commercial insurance. Together, we provide insurance services and solutions to individuals, professionals, and business owners throughout the Cleveland, Ohio area and across the country.

We understand you are busy and that it may be hard to find the time to explore your insurance options. Let us focus on your personal or commercial insurance needs so that you can focus on the more important things in life, like raising a family or running a business. Whether your insurance needs are personal, business, or both, we have a genuine interest in finding the right solutions for you.

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

To provide our clients with exceptional professional knowledge, strict ethical conduct, and outstanding service.

Our Beliefs

We Believe insurance planning is the basis for protecting the financial future of your family or business in the event of an economic disaster.

We Believe in providing solutions to problems, problems that come with price tags. The small problems, you can absorb; the big problems can absorb you.

We Believe in questions. Only through an honest dialogue of questions and answers can problems be exposed and addressed.



Thank you for everything you have done for our firm over the years. Our business and our families are protected because of the planning you have done with us.

-Robert D.

This is the second year that I have worked with Sandy for my health insurance. She has gone above and beyond in helping us choose coverage and navigate the Health Insurance Marketplace. She is amazing!

-Betsy H.

As a long-time commercial and personal customer of Harding & Jacob, I appreciate the high level of service they have provided over the years and continue to provide. We have an outstanding relationship with Harding & Jacob, and I wouldn’t trust any other agency to deliver the same level of hard work and attention to detail.

-Joe F.

The Harding & Jacob staff is so incredibly helpful. They are quick to respond and willing to go to great lengths to serve my needs. I am grateful for all the assistance in helping file a claim and arrange for rental replacement while traveling out of town. Hoyt and his team are life savers!

-Tom G.

Hoyt Murray and the H.C. .Murray Group have been providing all my business, life, property and casualty, and health insurance for over 30 years. Their attention to detail and the proper coverages is impeccable. We recently had a fire in our home, and Hoyt’s team and Cincinnati Insurance did an outstanding job of making the rebuilding process seamless. I sleep well knowing that my insurance needs are covered by the H.C. Murray Group.

-Brooks C.



Business Insurance


Owning a business is both an exciting and a rewarding experience. It also comes with many risks, and part of being a successful business owner is not overlooking these risks.

As a business owner, having the proper insurance in place not only provides you peace of mind, it also allows you to focus your energy on what really matters – moving your business forward.

There are several forms of business insurance you should carry to protect your investment; we have outlined them below. To determine which policies are best for your Ohio business, consult with one of our Cleveland or Columbus insurance advisors at 440.871.7261.

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Auto Insurance

Even The Best Drivers Are At Risk

Many people worry about getting in a car accident and not having enough auto insurance to cover the damages. That’s because even the best drivers are at risk of being in an auto accident, and these days, the resulting damages can add up quickly.

At H.C. Murray Group, we recognize that customers want the best auto insurance coverage at a competitive price. The advantage of being an independent insurance agency is that we can shop your auto insurance needs with multiple, top-notch companies, saving you time and money. The end result: your peace of mind in knowing you are covered in case an accident happens and are not over-paying for auto insurance.

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Home Insurance


Your home may well be your most valuable asset, and unfortunately, disaster can strike at any time. No one is immune to the hazards that can damage or destroy a home. Having adequate homeowner’s insurance not only protects you and your home from these hazards, it also allows you to smoothly proceed with your life when a claim occurs.

For years, we have helped homeowners, condo owners, renters, and landlords throughout the Cleveland and Columbus metropolitan areas find the best coverage for their insurance needs. We also provide on-going claims support in the event of a claim and tips on how to protect your property throughout the year (which can be very helpful for Ohio residents!)

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Life Insurance


Life insurance can benefit anyone, regardless of age, marital status, and family status. Not only does it ensure your family and loved ones are financially safe in the event of a tragedy, it also provides major advantages for financial planning.

At H.C. Murray Group, we have extensive experience in obtaining quality life insurance coverage for customers who thought they were “uninsurable” – from individuals with health issues, to non-smokers that enjoy an occasional cigarette or cigar. Don’t assume you won’t be approved for life insurance coverage without consulting one of our advisors first.

Below, we have outlined a few of the major advantages of having life insurance. Call us at 440.871.7261 to learn more about how life insurance can best serve your needs.

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Long-Term Care Insurance


Financial experts agree that without long-term care insurance, your retirement plan is incomplete. Almost half of all 65-year-olds will use a nursing home at some point in their remaining lives, the average cost of which is now $80,000 a year. Long-term care insurance provides confidence in knowing that such costs will be covered without having to deplete your savings.

Those who are in good health should start the process of shopping for and obtaining long-term care insurance as soon as possible. Unlike auto insurance, high-risk individuals do not have options at higher price tags when it comes to long-term care insurance. In fact, some pre-existing conditions will disqualify you from obtaining coverage entirely.

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Employee Benefits


H.C. Murray Group provides first-class employee benefits services. For years we have worked with Cleveland, Ohio business owners to design employee benefits programs that fit a variety of budgets and needs. We work hard to provide the service and support your company and its employees deserve.

Benefits are one of the primary reasons employees continue working for the same employers. Research shows that workplaces that offer better employee benefit programs have a higher level of job satisfaction, which is important to maintaining a productive workplace.

Employers with robust menus of employee benefits are also able to recruit and retain the best, most profitable employees.

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Health Insurance


A knowledgeable agent is able to bring a great deal of value to the table when it comes to individual health insurance.

At H.C. Murray Group, we not only have access to a wide variety of plans to choose from, we also make understanding our customers’ unique, individual circumstances a priority. With this understanding, we can refer you to the health insurance policy that best fits your needs.

Your health insurance premium is only a small part of the big picture when it comes to evaluating your policy. There are plenty of other factors you should consider, such as how likely you are going to be satisfied with your care options in the event of a claim, what your known medical needs are, and what your expected medical needs are.

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Medicare Insurance


Medicare is an essential part of health care for millions of Americans. As Medicare evolves and changes are made to the program, it becomes more confusing.

We have helped many of our clients navigate Medicare, both as new enrollees and as current enrollees looking to explore their Medicare supplement insurance options. Whatever your situation may be, we are here to help you better understand Medicare and your options.

When enrolling in Medicare, you should take the time to carefully consider your immediate and future needs. Before enrolling, feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. Our Ohio health insurance professionals are experts in the various plans available, and can help you understand the advantages of each.

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Disability Insurance


Disability insurance is a very important and often overlooked type of insurance coverage. No one ever expects to become disabled, but it happens more often than you would expect, and if you do not have disability insurance in place, you could be left financially devastated.

Millions of Americans live paycheck and paycheck and are unable to pay living expenses if an accident or illness leaves them unable to work. Disability insurance offers financial protection from the above situation, and considering that most premiums only amount to 3% or less of an individual’s income, disability insurance is a valuable investment.

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