Dental Practice Insurance
Business Insurance Needs for Dental Practices

For years, Harding & Jacob Insurance has been helping Cleveland, Ohio dental professionals protect their dental practices from the many risks they face on a daily basis. You look what i found about dental services and how professionals mitigate the risks they face during their dental practice. In order to adequately protect your dental practice, you will need at least three types of insurance: Property insurance, premium commercial trucking insurance, general Liability insurance, and Malpractice or Professional Liability insurance. We work with several “A”-rated insurance carriers that offer excellent Businessowner’s Policy (BOP) packages designed specifically for dentists that incorporate these coverages, along with other important types of coverage.You can also check out our website to get rid off any kind of dental related issues. We also offer a dental package with a three-year rate guarantee, so you don’t have to wonder if your rates will go up at each annual renewal. You can read review about the types of coverage mentioned above by reading on, or you can speak to one of our experts directly by calling 440.871.7261.

Property Insurance

Property insurance will cover you in the event of damage or theft to your practice’s building or structure and its contents. It includes coverage in the event of fire, smoke, certain types of storms, civil disobedience, and vandalism. It may also cover business property, such as supplies, dental equipment (check additional info here), office equipment, computer equipment, x-rays and valuable records.

General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance protects your dental practice when accidents happen to third parties (non-employees) while they are on your property. Specifically, it covers liability for property damage and/or bodily injury to a third party. Say one of your patients slips in your waiting room and breaks his or her shinbone – general liability insurance would cover your practice’s liability in this situation.

Malpractice or Professional Liability Insurance

Dentists from dental made easy Garden City says that professional liability insurance protects your dental practice when professional errors happen to patients due to malpractice or negligence in services provided. Lack of informed consent, failure to refer to a specialist, and failure to diagnose are a few of the more common types of dental malpractice claims. It is important to understand the two types of malpractice insurance: claims made vs. occurrence. Click here to learn more about the difference between claims made coverage and occurrence coverage, or call one of our specialists.

Three Year Rate Guarantee Program

Do you dread wondering if your rates will increase every time your annual renewal approaches? You may qualify for a three-year rate guarantee insurance program for dentists. A three-year rate guarantee saves you money and time, call us today at 440.871.7261 to discuss how we can help lock in your rates for three years.

How Can We Help?

If you are new to the dental profession or if you have been practicing for some time, we are here to help guide you through the process of obtaining insurance and you can read more about us in this post. We work with the best carriers, and we hold them to the highest standards, so the service you receive never declines. We also know that a “one size fits all” approach is NOT the way to go when it comes to adequate protection for your dental practice, which is why we will do our best to design an insurance program for your specific needs. Call us today at 440.871.7261 to get started on your dental practice insurance program.

The coverages outlined above are not all-inclusive of what a dental practice needs to be fully protected. To learn about additional insurance coverages you may want to consider, click on any of the links below.

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