Health Insurance that Fits Your Circumstances and Needs

A knowledgeable health insurance agent is able to bring a great deal of value to the table when it comes to individual health insurance.

At Harding & Jacob Insurance, we not only have access to a wide variety of plans to choose from, we also make understanding our customers’ unique, individual circumstances a priority. With this understanding, we can refer you to the health insurance policy that best fits your needs.


Ohio Health Care Plans

We offer comprehensive group health insurance plans through our Employee Benefits Division.

We also offer individual health insurance plans that feature a range of deductibles and coverage options to fit your unique needs. If you need help bridging gaps in your coverage, we offer several short-term medical plans that will do the trick.

Click under any of our featured health insurance providers below to request an instant quote on your Ohio health insurance. One of our specialists will be in touch with you shortly.

The Big Picture On Your Individual Health Insurance

Your health insurance premium is only a small part of the big picture when it comes to evaluating your policy. There are plenty of other factors you should consider, such as how likely you are going to be satisfied with your care options in the event of a claim, what your known medical needs are, and what your expected medical needs are. It is also important to make sure your plan is offered by a reputable insurance company. We stand behind all of our carriers and are confident we can find you the best individual health insurance based on your specific needs. Call us today at 440.871.7261 to speak to one of our health insurance specialists

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