Even the Best Drivers Are at Risk

Many people worry about getting in a car accident and not having enough auto insurance to cover the damages. That’s because even the best drivers are at risk of being in an auto accident, and these days, the resulting damages can add up quickly. Accidents can happen in many ways. Nowadays, many accidents are reported to be caused by drunk driving or the negligence of the drivers. In such situations, you can contact experienced lawyers and see how you can beat your DUI case at Leppard Law. But you need to understand that such accidents that are caused due by negligence or carelessness can destroy many people’s lives and cannot be compensated with money.

Auto Insurance

At Harding & Jacob Insurance, we recognize that customers want the best auto insurance coverage at a competitive price. The advantage of being an independent insurance agency is that we can shop your auto insurance needs with multiple, top-notch companies, saving you time and money. The end result: your peace of mind in knowing you are covered in case an accident happens and are not over-paying for auto insurance.


We Will Find the Best Auto Insurance for Your Needs

Harding & Jacob Insurance has been serving the auto insurance needs of the greater Cleveland and Columbus metropolitan areas since 1932. We have excellent relationships with quality carriers, so we can offer our customers competitive premiums for all of their vehicles. Coverages include:

  • Preferred and standard auto
  • High risk auto
  • Motorcycle
  • Motor homes
  • Camping trailers, travel trailers, utility trailers
  • Recreational vehicles, including: all-terrain vehicles; trail bikes; snowmobiles; golf carts; mini bikes; dune buggies; jet skis and wet bikes; and antique, classic or special-interest cars

Are You Properly Protected Against the Uninsured Driver?

The chances of being hit and injured by an uninsured or under-insured driver are significant. If the driver at fault is totally uninsured, your insurance will cover you if you have the right coverages in place, like physical damage coverage and bodily injury coverage. If you have under-insured motorist coverage, your policy will cover what the at-fault driver’s policy does not.

Given that many Ohio drivers on the road are uninsured, it is extremely important to look at your options. Let our agents make sure you are fully protected with a complimentary auto insurance review. Call us today at 440.871.7261.

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